By Khalid Ansari 02-Apr-2014 Social

Manipur, the ‘Switzerland of India’ might be known among the tourists for its rich culture featuring martial arts, dance, theatre and sculpture, but there is another reason for the state to feel proud of.

By Team 28-Feb-2014 Social

Class VI question: When was father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, assassinated? Answer: January 30, 1948. However, a child from Gujarat is likely to write: October 30, 1948, because that s what his text book tells him. A Class VIII textbook in Gujarat claims Japan mounted a “nuclear attack” on the United States in World War-II.

With exports beating imports and global prices slumping, desi farming goes global

By Team 25-Feb-2014 Economy

Ten years ago, nobody could have imagined that India would be the largest exporter of rice and guar gum, and the second-largest exporter of beef and cotton.In fact, in 2012-13,

India s growth story taken a beating due to CAG and media : Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal 21-Feb-2014 Politics

With surveys predicting a Congress drubbing in forthcoming polls, how s party morale?India is too complex a country for any survey to correctly predict the result — the northeast s trend won t be replicated in Bihar or Punjab. The party looks at the situation in each state and sees its possibilities.

UPA-I clocked an annual GDP growth of 8.4% & UPA-II ensured average growth of 6.6%

Sachin Pilot 19-Feb-2014 Economy

As has been the tradition, the vote-on account presented today is not the occasion for big policy announcements but an opportunity to see how we as a nation have travelled in the last 10 years.We produce 50 MT more food grains today than we did 10 years ago.